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Like that punch line from Mrs. Marcellus Wallace’s very bad joke, I’m catching up here. We just got back from three days in the Hill Country with Robert’s sister. His younger brother also drove up from Corpus Christi. The dinner was wonderful. We feasted on turkey, ham, yams, taters, two kinds of cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, my Chess Pie, some nice wine and superb company.

Of course, we took Sunny with us and he behaved like the purr-fect gentleman that he is. Still, it was nice to get back home. Especially since the hotel room only had dialup access (ugh!). It was torturous to say the least! (Well, if that’s all I have to bellyache about right now, life is good, eh?)

I’ve been busy working behind the scenes on a Christmas Skin as you can see. It’s not tweaked quite the way I want it, but I’ll be ironing out the nits over the next few days. I also wanted to add another Christmas Skin and perhaps a Hannukah Skin, too, and just have the theme switcher turned back on over the holidays. We’ll see how much time I have for this.

I’m working with WPMU on a couple of sites and those will likely launch after the first of the year. Meanwhile, I’m also playing around with a WordPress 2.0 Beta testbed. WP 2.0 is not quite ready for prime time but has some promising new features and enhancements that novices will love.

I have to recommend another movie Robert and I saw recently which I’ll blog about in detail later: Monster’s Ball, with Hallie Berry and Billy Bob Thornton. Worth the price of the DVD is one outtake where Billy Bob dons his “Karl” persona from Slingblade. The cast and crew clearly cracked up over this. I’d love a job where I got to hang around with BBT all day long! Sigh.

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