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Kerry’s Got Nothing on Frank Wisner!

Posted by Joni in General

Everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon to villify John Kerry for his words to those California students which were meant as a jab at President Bush, not at any students who don’t study hard.

But what about our Special Envoy to Kosovo, Frank Wisner (Jr.), who stated in the Kosovo capital Pristina last Tuesday (Oct. 26) that Washington wants the status issue resolved this year.

We will insist on independence ? excuse me ? we will insist on [determination of] the final status by the end of this year…

That’s a pretty big slip of the tongue if you ask me and it was barely a blip on the journalistic radar here in the U.S., other than by a mere handful of bloggers and liberal online news sites. Is it because Kosovo is too far away for us to be concerned? Because it can’t be for the fact we don’t have troops there; we do. So why? I’m all ears. Tell me what’s on your mind.

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