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JoniVerse.com Tweets on 11/27/2008

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  • @Riskin Because if it didn’t happen here in our back yard, we don’t care. Sad but true. That’s why we can bomb other nations with aplomb. #
  • This explains our apathy about Mumbai: Arrogance, Ignorance & Cowardice: Lessons From 9/11, by Robert Jensen: http://tinyurl.com/6gnm6z #
  • @cssglobe Absolutely. I’m a web designer too. Any chance of any dev licenses? Pozdrav! #
  • Looks like some quality web templates: RT @ivanbrezakbrkan advisees you to tweet @cssglobe to get 50% off at http://templatica.com #
  • @robertbasic better than Neil Pert’s (Rush) drum solos? Are you sure? ;) #
  • Joni is thankful for her dishwasher right about now! #

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