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I’ve Said it Before and I’ll Say it Again….

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I was over at Joanie’s site and started to comment on this post.

I disagree with Paul. I too am — if you just feel the NEED to slap a freaking label on me — anti-war. But I am also anti-cancer. And anti-leprosy. But my being anti- doesn’t make it go away. Being anti-war isn’t going to STOP the war.

But what I **am** sick and tired of are quite a few (not ALL, but a good many that I’ve encountered) pro-war (?) or PATRIOTS as they like to call themselves, just being as ugly as they know how to be to me and people like me, calling us Saddam-lovers and treasonists and worse.

Some people cannot seem to separate the concept of being against a war and at the same time against villains like Hussein and his ilk. That is narrowmindedness of the highest order.

While I am against the war — any war, not just this one — I appreciate — and always have — all the sacrifices that our military makes going into battle to defend our country, and in some cases going into battle in places where we have no right to be to begin with.

And I recognize the fact that our military forces are — idealogically speaking anyway — defending all of our rights and freedoms. Even my right to denounce what they are doing over there.

Yes, I am aware of it. No, I don’t like that they are over there and I certainly am sad that they are dying. There are so many over there — one of my co-workers’ sons, barely drinking age — is in Kuwait. She’s waiting nervously by the phone to hear whether he was in the Blackhawk that was shot down earlier today — I hope he’s safe. I hope he gets to return safely home along with all the others over there.

I have to agree SOMEWHAT with Desiree in that this country no longer has a draft. All service is voluntary. That doesn’t mean it is right and it certainly doesn’t diminish the fact of what our servicemen are doing over there. And it certainly doesn’t mean that their deaths are any less significant because they went willingly. But it does mean that they are there of their own volition and that they are fully cognizant of the risks involved, just as the astronauts are aware of the risks of their jobs. We still mourn their deaths.

But I’ll say it again. I am against the war.

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