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It’s In the Air….

Posted by Joni in General

This photo of a Blue Angel was snapped by Robert a few years back at a static air show somewhere in Alabama (?) on one of his trips. Since he was on the way home, time was not of the essence. And since he knew one of the nicknames of my car was Blue Angel (although now I’ve settled on Street Angel), he snapped this photo for me! Ain’t he sweet? And ain’t this plane sleek?


This is a 2.7 MB video clip of an Air Force C-130 releasing flares to repel heat seeking missiles. The smoke patterns formed by these “decoys” are how they got their name, “Angel Decoys.” It’s truly awesome! Maneuvers are usually in remote areas; the general public does not get to see these exercises.

My brother forwarded the video to me awhile back; but I believe it originated at StrangeCosmos.com. Enjoy!

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