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It’s a Rap!

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I recently discovered a great white rapper inadvertently while listening to a new YouTube video from one of my favorites, The Internets Celebrities (Dallas Penn and Rafi Kam). There was some catchy Latin music playing and it turns out it was none other than Action Bronson, a young Albanian rapper from Flushing, Queens. Now, I’m not too big into rap really. I can listen to Sean Combs and Ice-T and Yah-Boy and a few others, but it’s really “not mah thang.” But when I saw a picture of this guy after Googling for him, my heart stopped. And I’m going to show you why.

Action Bronson, rapper from Flushing, Queens, NY

A dead-ringer for my bestie:

Action Ivan Minic, Internet God

Am I crazy? Do you see it too? Anyway, I started listening to this guy on YouTube and you know what, I really like his music. It’s a bit R-rated as most rap tends to be, but what’s really neat about this guy is that he’s also a professional chef and he manages to weave a lot of food references into each song. It’s great discovering how and where he’ll do that. Lines like (and all my Balkan friends can relate to this), “Dig a hole, throw a lamb in it…” (from “Barry Horowitz”) and “A steak and a salad crumbled with bacon and Bleu cheese…” (from “Brunch”). That clever mix of raw, sexual, even often offensive rap lyrics softened with a trained chef’s observations and reverence about food were a real treat. And watching his videos, most of them are shot locally, right in the heart of Flushing, Queens and elsewhere in the boroughs of New York. Not in Manhattan, baby. But where the common folk live, breathe, and survive. A great slice of life. And if I were to visit New York, that’s exactly what I’d want to see.

And of course I can’t let you leave without a sample of Action’s rap style, now can I?

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