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International Blogging Idiots Day?

Posted by Joni in General

Somebody with the mentality of a five year old who just discovered the word “fuck” has decided today is International Heckling Day.* Well, they didn’t say it was International Blog Heckling Day, now did they? And the funning thing is, the idiot who heckled me did so a day early. But I’ll leave his asinine post up as a charming reminder why it probably IS a good idea to keep the comments feature off your blog. The Internet equivalent of having an egg thrown at your car?

Please, kiddies. Grow up. Being grown up is a lot more fun, trust me. So without further ado, let me announce that, today, on this blog at least, comments will be removed. Not that I’m going to post anything. But I really don’t care to participate in this juvenile shit. And I really am not interested to have anyone else come here for that purpose either. Call me a spoilsport. But to do that, you’ll simply have to e-mail me.

* Do you think I’d give this asshole the benefit of a LINK?

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