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In the Widda Hood

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So much has happened since Roberto passed on December 8. It was sudden and unexpected, to me anyway. Even though he’d been fighting COPD this past year and it had been consistently kicking his butt. He’d been in the hospital more than he’d been home and was almost always on a ventilator a good part of that time. He was sent home on 24 hour oxygen in September. And yet this man, who had weathered all of life’s hard knocks, including devastating paralysis in September 2003, couldn’t be beaten down. Not yet anyway. At least that’s what I thought. My hero simply could not fall. I wasn’t ready.

Right after that, I ended up flat on my back in the hospital for a week with a wicked toe infection, the result of long ignored diabetes. Had I not succumbed to the doctors’ request, I might be sitting here with a body part missing, that’s how serious THAT condition was (and still is).

So it’s all been a whirlwind of activity and family members and hospitalizations and nurses and many things to do and take care of. And now the dust is settling somewhat. And I might want to write a bit about this new life situation I find myself in. Alone and without the love of my life at my side. Hence a new blog category, the “Widda Hood.”

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