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In Memory of Momo Kapor

Posted by Joni in General


This is my favorite passage from Momo Kapor’s book, “The Serbian Mentality.” Sadly Kapor died on March 3, 2010.

There are few things in Belgrade that I have not seen elsewhere. Perhaps only three: its rivers, its sky and its people….

Clouds scud across the sky where the Sava gives way to the Danube, combining mists with eatern and western winds — that dramatic Belgrade sky that resembles a huge celestial battleground. The spiritual state of its inhabitants is portrayed in this sky at any moment of the day.

People who grew up on a stone hill beneath such an exciting panorama cannot be but broad of gesture, stormy of temperament and of changing mood…..

Yep, that sums up some of my closest Serbian friends to a “T”. And I love each and every one of them.


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