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In Facebook Jail Again….

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This time, the reason is even more outrageous than before. I belong to a group called Queen Sugar, the Discussion Group. Because it’s one of my favorite TV shows. Awhile back, I posted about the series’ star, Nova (played by one of my favorite accesses, Rutina Wesley). I mentioned that I didn’t think “that heifer was afraid of anything!” And I got trounced on for using the word “heifer”.

Just this evening, someone posted this: “Nova asking for wisdom & guidance .. when she should’ve been begging for forgiveness. I can’t stand this heffa!

And my reply was this: “OK I got chastised for using that term a couple of weeks ago. Let’s see they let this one slide….” And then someone wandered in and asked me who had trounced on me. See here:

So Facebook decided that I, and only I, violented their policy on bullying. Not the person who wrote the damn thing in the first place:

I am so over Facebook.

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