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Tuesday, I went to the bank and made a $20 withdrawal (bagel money for the week). Wednesday afternoon, I got a call from a man whose voice I didn’t immediately recognize. “Is this Joni Mueller?” “Yes….” “Do you live at [address]?” “Yes….” hesitantly (was he going to tell me my house was on fire?). “Joni, this is Floyd at the bank!” “Ah! I left my driver’s license over there, didn’t I?” “You sure did!” “Okay, I’ll try to come by this afternoon and pick it up. Thanks!”

I got really busy on a brief we were working on and completely forgot about it. Today when my friend and I were walking over to the Park Shops for lunch, I heard someone behind me calling, “Ma’am, ma’am!!” I turned around and it was a young man, holding my driver’s license. Now that in and of itself wouldn’t be so bad, but I was wearing the exact same dress I had on when I had my driver’s license picture taken two years ago!!

I’m guessing that he saw me go by in that Pepto-Bismol pink dress and thought to himself, “Wait a minute! I’ve seen that dress before!” And I’m sure he was also thinking, “Gee, that old thing again? Doesn’t she have anything else to wear?”

Well, tomorrow is Go Texan Day[1] at our office so I plan to take this one day out of the year and wear my slacker outfit: Denim shirt with jewel button covers, leggings and boots. Yee haw.

The only other benefit of GTD is that I get to see some of my male co-workers in their tight-fitting jeans. (The cowboy hats, I agree with Jodi, we can do without!)

[1] Go Texan Day is an unofficial tradition in Houston. Workers in normally conservative industries (such as the one I’m in, law) are usually permitted to enjoy a relaxed dress code on the first day of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo (which lasts three excruciating weeks, ugh!). Our office permits western cut jeans (leave the grunge style jeans with knees cut out at home), cowboy boots, cowboy hats and western cut shirts, and denim of all kinds.

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