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I’m Dancing as Fast as I Can!

Posted by Joni in General

The past several weeks have been hectic. Robert was supposed to come home on a day pass last weekend. But he had a minor setback with some pain and they’ve moved it to this weekend! I’m excited.

Also, I plan to be gone, gone, gone, out of town on Superbowl Sunday. Robert will be glued to the television; I might as well not even exist! So that’s a good time to blow town and head to Austin to catch up on some gossip with an old friend!

I’ve been busy putting everything in its proper place after the move. I’ve had to rethink placement of certain furniture items. We’ve got to accomodate a wheelchair now — at least for a little while. So there are some things that will have to be shoved around or put in storage.

It’s actually nice to have a clean, clear hallway….

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