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Ike’s Aftermath

Posted by Joni in General

Power was restored to my neighborhood around 3:30 p.m. today. I was in the shower at the time, soap in my eyes and shampoo in my hair, when I heard the security system screetch like a banshee. It took me a split second to figure out what was going on. Sooo very happy about that.

And my house … “She’s a brick house // she’s mighty mightay…” Our 75-year old girl stared down Ike with only the loss of a piece of gutter, a few shingles, a part of a small tree, and a strip of siding off the big garage. After surveying the damage in my neighborhood, I’m grateful we were basically unscathed. There are a lot of old, tall trees here in Idylwood and quite a few of them ended up on top of houses or garages or in the street. The sound of chain saws buzzing filled the air this morning like the droning of a hundred angry bees.

Sophia home now!


  1. Da Goddess

    I’m so glad you’re safe and sound! And also happy to hear the damage is minimal. Since you have the contractors out there already…

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  2. Rick

    So…your house is “mighty mightay” and you’re in the shower lettin’ it all hang out!

    Glad to hear it. I think. ;)

    Ricks last blog post..W[h]ither the First Amendment


  3. David Blangstrup

    Phew! :up:


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