Who Does She Think She Is?

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If you can’t stand the heat….

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get out of the kitchen, guys.

This comment at Monkeyfilter.com discusses BreakupBabe and claims that Breakupbabe

… juggles men like an eight-flippered mutant circus seal, selfishly objectifies men as boytoys, entertainers, provider$, etc., whose sole purposes seem to be fulfilling her whimsical needs….. Then, after they are used, they are to be discarded, like disposable diapers.

Well, now isn’t that the same thing MEN have been doing to WOMEN for longer than just a few years? What man hasn’t treated a woman as a doormat, a one-stop booty-call, pit-stop, roadside short-order house and sports bar, all rolled into one, and then, when HE’s done, he discards her like an old mattress. (Or is it old mistress?)

Doesn’t feel so good when the shoe’s on the other foot, eh, fellas?

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