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I Lost It Today

Posted by Joni in General

I use Access databases to set up and maintain Bossette’s file list, client file listings, label creation and pleadings indexes. They were real works of art, I tell ya!

It was never explained to me that my “home” drive (H:) was the same as network drive N: so I decided to do some housekeeping this morning (I’m as anal about my work computer as I am about my home computers). I copied the database files from the H: drive to the N: drive. I saw the little flying papers going from one side to the other, you know how they do? Well, so when it was finished the files on the H: drive were still conveniently highlighted so I hit the big red “X” (Delete) key and voila, wiped out the H: drive.

Then of course when I went to launch Access, it couldn’t find my files. It wasn’t until I had a conversation with our Help Desk that I discovered H: and N: were one and the same. So I’d just obliterated my databases that I’d spent months creating and perfecting and tweaking.

No problem, they can just pull the backups. Wrong!! They told me that since they switchd from Novell to IIS servers, they don’t back up the N: drive anymore.

So I started creating from scratch again (good thing it’s been pretty quiet and slow around here). Fortunately, I went to lunch with a friend of mine on another floor and whined to her about it. She then in turn whined to one of the guys in Operations (separate from the Help Desk staff), and was told in no uncertain terms that OF COURSE they back up the files on the N: drive and who told her that they didn’t?!

Long and short of it, only through my friend’s perseverance did I get all my files back. (I just delivered some cookies to the helpful dude down in Operations who did the backup for me and I guess I’ll take my friend to lunch tomorrow. She saved me literally HOURS of time recreating these things.)

But more irritating than that is the Help Desk lying to me about being able to retrieve the backups. I was practically in tears when I was talking to them this morning right after it happened. And aren’t they there to “help” us? Not throw obstacles in our path?

I’m over the initial frustration, but I won’t easily forget the way the “Help” Desk pulled my leg this morning. And we aren’t talking about a collection of recipes. We are talking about Firm work product. Yeesh.

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