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I Know.

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Four years ago, I *might* have been able to tell you where Yugoslavia once was. But I didn’t know the difference between the Rambouillet Agreement and Shakespeare’s sonnets. Four years ago, I didn’t know that someone I would come to love so very much had spent 72 days in pure hell. Had spent his birthday in a bomb shelter.

I didn’t know how selfish and arrogant the United States was. And how it lied. Sweet beguiling lies. “Humanitarian reasons,” said the war monger Madeleine Albright. As the U.S. then proceeded to bomb the roads, powerplants and water supplies of the very people, civilians, women and children, it vowed to be “saving”. Smiling all the while.

The good thing is that a little over three years ago, all that changed. I woke up. With some help from a friend. He showed me that despite all the obstacles, neither he nor his people will be kept down, and they won’t lie down, and they won’t go away. From this wonderful friend, for whom I would give my very life, I have come to know what trust, kindness, patience, acceptance, truth, honor, selflessness and love are all about.

I know all this now, and more. And I will never, ever forget.

Some links of interest on this, the 10th anniversary of the illegal bombing of the former Yugoslavia by NATO and the United States:

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