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I have completely lost it.

Posted by Joni in General

A while back I went on a big fat seamless tiled background feeding frenzy. I just grabbed a bunch of tiled backgrounds I found on the net and stuck them in a /Patterns folder. Yeesh. So here all along, I thought I was using a tiled background from Pixel Decor, when in fact, the tiled background for the Hearts Afire skin, which was the source of some amount of angst earlier today as I thought I was violating terms of usage, came from Taz at Citrus Moon. My apologies to both designers! Let this be a lesson: If you are going to go hog wild downloading right and left, have the forethought to set up subfolders for each site that you download from so that later on, you can properly attribute the backgrounds.

I’m going to go sit down before I hurt myself!

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