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I am Sam, I Am

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Saw this on the K-HOU TV news website. Looks like Judge Sam Kent will be presiding over the case of the Clear Lake dentist accused of running over and killing her orthodontist husband when she caught him cheating. That is great because if you know anything about the legal world here in South Texas, Judge Kent has authored some pretty hilarious opinions. I can only imagine the rich fodder for humor this fiasco will afford him!

Here are just a few of the smatterings of mirth that Judge Kent has handed down.

Judge Sam Kent speaks out about the commute from Houston to Galveston in an order denying a motion to transfer. The story gets good on page three.

This opinion pokes fun at the lawyers, rather than the litigants, so I think it’s a little less mean-spirited and irreverent. Any lawyer practicing law in the Southern District of Texas worth his salt knows to leave his ego at the door when entering Judge Kent’s courtroom!

And more Kent-mania.

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