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How it Is at the Crackerbox?

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I’ve had this little ditty laying around on my hard drive for awhile, and since I’ve been doing some computer housekeeping, I’ve been listening to a lot of the stuff I’ve got stored.

This song was found on Usenet in alt.binaries.mp3s. It’s by Slim Dusty, from the album “Beer Drinking Songs of Australia,” where I’m sure Acidman will find some kindred spirits. He’s just returned from a fishing trip and according to him, he looks, feels (and smells?) like an animal that lives out in the desert that hasn’t been rained on in about 20 years.

The MP3 is a 3.6MB download. Lyrics below. (I knew my shorthand would come in handy for something!)

Download the 3.6MB mp3.

“The Hangover Song” by Slim Dusty from Beer Drinking Songs of Australia

When you wake up in the morning of the night before
and there’s someone knocking on your front door
and you haven’t got a drink and you’re sick to the core
you’ve got what they call a hangover.

Well your head is splitting and your stomach?s in pain
and you tremble when you hear that knock again
and you?re certain that the knocker is the law, that?s plain
Oh you think the worst with a hangover.

Well you try to think back on the night before
you have a vague recollection but you?re not too sure
you were out with a woman, it?s her husband for sure
it?s a dreadful thing, a hangover.

Well you drove home drunk
but you think you were right
but you seem to recall going through red lights
it?s the law at the door and he’s got you in his sites
it all looks bad with a hangover.

Oh you look into the mirror and you?ve got a black eye
and there’s blood on your shirt from the other guy
must be him at the door, I wish I could die
would be better than this hangover

well you pluck up courage and open up the door
expecting a punch or a Bluey from the law
or a jealous husband with a gun in his paw
at least it would end this hangover.

well strike me pink you near dropped me
why its Don and Burt and Stan and Ed
with a carton of coldies for your aching head
medicine for a hangover.

Well you start to recover when you get a couple down.
you think things over and weren’t you a clown
To worry if the law or a husband came round
ah, it must have been a bad hangover

So you all head to the local once more
and you’re a little self conscious as you walk through the door
by closing time you’re as bad as before.
And you’re in for another hangover.
Oh show me the way to go home,
cuz you’re in for another hangover.

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