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How Do You Spell Blog Tool?

Posted by Joni in General

I’m checking out a new blogging tool called Zempt 0.3. It was created by Bill Zeller and Adam Kalsey. You can download a copy to try out here.

I’ve been piddling around with it for less than five minutes and I’m hooked. Here’s why.

When I first started blogging last year, I downloaded a similar proggy called w.bloggar. It just didn’t do it for me. It had some limitations and I really didn’t think it did anything better that my favorite HTML editor wasn’t already doing. A few of the things it couldn’t do was spell-check your posts or back- or future-date them. Which, since I was using BloggerPro at the time, was important to me. So might as well use the Blogger interface.

Since I write HTML using Evrsoft 1st Page, which is basically a text HTML editor, I can probably type out the link and other codes faster than I can sit and figure out what button to push on a WYSIWYG editor to do the same thing! However, it goes without saying (yet, I’ll go ahead and say it anyway), that if your HTML leaves a lot to be desired, Zempt will make adding links a breeze.

Of course, later on, when I moved to MT, those w.bloggar issues became moot. I simply used the MT interface. Still plagued by the fact that I could not spell-check my posts. You know, sometimes those typos just slip out — nevermind the fact that I get PAID to type for a living.

Along comes Zempt. I do have multiple MT blogs, believe it or not. I use them as “site news” updates for some of my other websites, and have multiple blogs installed at my web design site for the convenience of my clients testing out their new designs.

It’s great to be able to spell check your posts before you send them. And each blog can be set up differently. For example, at z-gal.com and at webjones.org, you can see the blog entries are just update tidbits. Still, it’s very convenient to be able to open ONE program to take care of it all.

It also apparently has cured the annoying, but intermittent, problem of trackback ping timeouts and other failures. My MT log is littered with failed trackback ping attempts. The reasons for which go unexplained to this day. But no matter. Zempt has apparently solved that problem as well!

And an added bonus? As if all this wasn’t enough? It has a WinAmp 3.0 interface, so now, I can let the world know what’s on my WinAmp!

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I highly advise that if you (a) are a poor or sloppy speller or (b) have more than one blog, you hie on over there and check it out.

And thanks to Kevin of Wizbang for the link!

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