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Household Tip #248: Avoiding Sniper Fire

Posted by Joni in General

Bet old Heloise is turning in her grave right now. Here, culled from an ABC news affiliate WJLA.com are the tips for avoiding sniper fire.

Instead of avoiding dark, out-of-the-way spots, those places now may be the safest to buy groceries or pump gas, said retired Maj. John Plaster, former Army Green Beret and author of “The Ultimate Sniper,” a police and military training manual.

Other tips include: avoiding open areas, walking briskly in a zigzag path when moving from a car to a building, and ducking behind a gas pump when refueling a car.

[Oh, great, now the sniper(s) reading this will just go hide in the nearest bush, behind the nearest dimly lit grocery store and pick off the dozen people crouched down next to the gas pumps. Thanks, guys. But, hey, can you imagine how comical this would look to foreign visitors, to see people duckwalking all over the place, diving into their cars and stopping, dropping and rolling into the grocery stores?]

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