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Hot for Teachers

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I read with interest what Frank had to say about a recent essay appearing in the National Review which states, in a nutshell, the author’s view that teachers are overpaid.

That got my attention. I started to fire off a rant in Frank’s comment box, but got so long-winded that I figured I better write about it here.

She’s kidding, right? And she’s making some very fatal assumptions, apparently, among them that some children, at least:

1. are sweet and innocent
2. don’t come from single parent homes
3. aren’t beaten or abused on a regular basis
4. don’t have drug habits
5. aren’t promiscuous
6. don’t have underlying mental issues (ADHD for one)
7. aren’t prone to violence

Back when I was in school (I won’t tell you how long ago that was!), if I got into trouble at school, I got it TENFOLD when I got home. My mother seldom rallied to my defense unless I happened to be right, and I can recall only one such time.

I don’t know who’s to blame for the escalation in violence in schools today, coupled with the decided lack of real education that kids take away from their 12+ years in school, but there’s definitely something wrong.

And there just isn’t enough money in this world to pay ME to spend 8 hours with a bunch of surly, arrogant, unruly, rude, violent children.

Nope, not me. Maybe Ms. [Meghan] Keane [the story’s author] will volunteer. that way, she can get a better perspective on her topic.

It’s the same reason I don’t write about thermonuclear fission.

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