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Hopelessly Stuck in the 80s

Posted by Joni in General

Am I. My best adult years were spent during the 80s. I grooved to Cyndi Lauper, Huey Lewis, Mike & the Mechanics, the Cars, Greg Kihn, Glass Tiger…. The last four cars I’ve had (all have been 300ZXs) ranged from 1984-1988. Imagine my surprise when I heard Kylie Minogue (now there’s a blast from the 80s, the Locomotion chick…) singing her new song, “Love at First Sight.” If I hadn’t bothered to check out the song, I would have sworn it was fresh off the 1985 top hit list, right next to Madonna’s Lucky Star and Dress You Up in My Love and Nu Shooz’ I Can’t Wait…

Since we’ve recently had a revival of the 70s with the bell bottoms, midriff tops and platforms, perhaps an 80s revival is in the future? I dearly hope so. Now, let me go hunt for my Rubik’s Cube and my collection of Wham! CDs. I want to be prepared.

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