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Hoover Damn

Posted by Joni in General

The Hoover Floor Mate that I bought last week, at great expense (for a broom and mop, anyway, as Sugar Mama pointed out), sucks. And I don’t mean that in a nice way. It’s horrible. Hideous. Woefully inefficient. I expended more energy wrestling with the power cord, which was placed in the middle back of the machine instead of up near the handle where it belonged. I had to rig it to get it to stay out of the way. The on/off switch, instead of being placed conveniently on the handle or as a toe switch as on most vacuum cleaners, was in the middle of the machine on the side, so bending and stooping were the order of the day. It doesn’t seem to have a whole lot of suction (power), and I certainly expected more from it bearing the Hoover badge as it does. Even after I went over the floors with it, there was still quite a bit of debris I had to pick up with a BROOM. And also, there’s a lot of places this hulk just won’t go — again, you have to get out the BROOM to get at these nooks and crannies. So if I’ve got to do that, I might as well use it on the whole floor. This is tantamount to washing dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.

So I called the retail outlet where I’d purchased it, and explained my frustration with it. After a 10% restocking fee (approximately $18), I’ll be rid of the beast forever and will go back to riding a broom (which is my natural mode of transportation according to some people anyway!).

Needless to say, Robert hit the proverbial roof when he found out how much I’d paid for it.

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