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Holiday Finery

Posted by Joni in General

I found this image at istockphoto.com and decided to give the place a facelift. This skin will be up through the end of the year. Then I’ll likely revert back to Dark Grunge, which has been my default skin for several months (a record for me!).

The banner fonts are Addled and Barbara Hand. Hope you enjoy. Strangely enough, the stars in the sidebar don’t show up in Firefox, only in IE. Go figure.

Update: Thanks to sharp-eyed reader David, I now find that the entire content division drops right out of the viewport in Opera! Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for this skin!

Second Update: Looks like I’ve corrected the Opera problem. (Helps to fix all the HTML validation errors, eh, kids?)


  1. Trisha

    Yes Joni that does tend to help


  2. Trisha Watts

    What happened to the Christmasy design??


  3. Trisha Watts

    What happened here? Looks like we are in a default mode of some sort?


  4. Joni

    Yep, it’s the shape of things to come. Out with the fluff and in with the substance. (Let’s see how long I can keep THAT ball up in the air!) {{grin}}


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