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Hold My Drink…

Posted by Joni in General

while I climb up on my soapbox. You know, I had to delete some comments this morning. Particularly a comment. So since I deleted it, the one left in response to it made no sense on its own. So out it went, too. I just deleted the whole damn thread.

What is up with the so-called Blogosphere and everyone in it?

Are we all just collectively driving down the information superhighway mooning each other out our car windows?

Or worse, giving each other the finger?

Or worse yet, opening fire on random drivers?

The post below was my thank you to someone who was kind enough and generous enough to sponsor me in my worthy cause. The comment that followed it was completely off topic and uncalled for. I won’t even favor the commenter with a link to his site. I refuse to fan the flames of contention any longer.

Suffice it to say that if this commenter is reading this post (and he knows who he is), he won’t find any references to himself here. And if he wants to say something to me or the other readers of this blog, he’ll just have to drop me an e-mail and pray that I decide to share it with the rest of you. He’s been banned. If he wants to talk about me — or anyone else — on his own paid web space, to that I say: knock yourself out, fella.

Bottom line: It’s my blog, this little piece of real estate in cyberspace. Play nice, or don’t play at all. Show your ass and get banned. It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

You would think that at least in connection with the Blogathon, where people are devoting an entire day of their lives to benefit a cause they believe in, other people who aren’t so like-minded would have the decency to stifle their spittle, wrath and vitriole for just a few fucking minutes. The Blogiverse — and every one in it — will be around afterwards so your mindless tirades can continue unabated. In other words, sit on it until July 27, m’kay?

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