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Hit Me, Baby!

Posted by Joni in General

The Fat Guy wondered what to zone in on when looking at his web stats. What’s most important, visitors? hits? pageviews? files? What?

Well, we need go no further than Joanie’s Blog to find out why she got so many hits in the past few days that her site was temporarily shut down (Error 509 Exceeded Bandwidth Capacity). Go there to read WHY…. and Fat Guy, perhaps the use of a few cleverly placed keywords would help drive traffic to your site…. Perhaps not the kind of traffic you want, but… hey!

I’ve always gotten quite a bit of entertainment out of perusing the keyword searches that land people at my site. Now you KNOW that ain’t no web bot that typed in wedgie girl gallery or scary fat people or even laxative laced dog food.

I mean, you can’t make that kind of shit up. But it worries me that people are out there searching for (and presumably FINDING) such things.

And of course, there’s the referrals log. I do so love to see who’s sending me warm, fuzzy linky love.

Joanie a/k/a DaGoddess is still the top referrer (or referer if you are an Apache server), with Acidman running a close second!!

So it sounds to me like your commenteer (new made up word?) got it right when he surmised actual VISITORS (whether they surfed in from another site or got there as a result of searching for keywords “hot lemur sex Lake Austin”) are what make the blog go round.

Oh, and to my great RELIEF, it looks to me from the Agents/Servers report that 37.61% of my visitors are using MS Internet Explorer v5., another 27.44% are using MS Internet Explorer v6, the spiders (God love ’em) account for about 23% of the total, with the rest less than one percent. So I won’t lose any sleep over my new style sheet switcher which is best viewed in IE5/6. Phew! {{Wipes brow and performs a genuflect}}

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