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Hints of Some Things to Come…. I’m a Blog-Tease

Posted by Joni in General

I made mention in one of those memes I believe it was, how I am convinced, and have been for some time, that Robert and I are soulmates; destined to be together. There’ve been too many freaky coinkydinks to think otherwise. Of course, he was very hard to catch. Since I have the week off, I’ll be writing some more (probably from my laptop) about how we met, which I think is interesting, and some of the great things he’s done for me…. Of course, he’s not perfect, but then again, neither am I, so I guess we are perfectly matched that way! Two imperfect people adrift on the sea of life!!

I’d also like to write in more detail about some other events in my life, things I’ve never expressed before. My experiences with cancer (I’ve been cancer-free since 1990!), a very bad experience with a very bad doctor and some other things. So stay tuned and fasten your seatbelts. It may be a bumpy ride.

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