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Here’s a Quarter….

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There’s a lot you can do with a quarter. You can “call someone who cares” for one thing. Back in the 1940s, you could do a lot more with it.

My previous rant got me to thinking about something I’d read in a great book about Hollywood and its habitues, Kenneth Anger’s “Hollywood Babylon.”

Apparently, screen actress Loretta Young had given birth out of wedlock to a daughter. Thereafter, she managed to develop a virtuous, puritanical side to her. Either on the set of a movie or on her own show (The Loretta Young Show), there was a “donation” or “curse” box. These donations for a cause near and dear to her heart, a home for unwed mothers. Now, how did Loretta collect her donations? Simple. A quarter (or was it a dime?) for every curse word uttered.

I can’t remember which actor or Hollywood executive it was who reputedly did this, but someone, known for his potty mouth, really offended Saint Loretta highly. When she pointed to her donation box and explained that he owed her a quarter for his utterance, his reply was priceless:

“Here’s ten bucks, Loretta. Now shut the fuck up.”

After some Googling, I came across this. It might have been Bob Mitchum. Read and decide for yourselves.

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