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Hell Is…

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I was corresponding with a friend of mine by e-mail and was suddenly reminded about this old jokie:

A man died and, not being the nicest of men, went straight to Hell. He got the royal tour from Da Man himself. Satan! One of the first things he saw in Hadesville were plenty of beautiful, naked women cavorting about. There were about two women to every man there. (Men, please. No snarky comments. Just shut up and listen to the rest of the joke!)

The man commented to Satan, well if this is Hell, then count me in. Pretty women everywhere! What more could you ask for?

Satan leaned over and whispered, conspiratorily in the man’s ear. Well, now all is not what it seems. You see that man over there in the corner? And that beautiful woman on his lap? And the jug of whiskey? The man nodded. Satan said, “Well, that jug’s got a hole in it, and the woman doesn’t. And if THAT isn’t Hell, I don’t know what is!”

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