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“Heart”-Felt Comment

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Oh, yeah, and I **have** been told I look a lot like the the fat Heart sister. Now, if I only had her talent….

While scouring the Internet for some information on Dreamboat Annie, I found this from Dimensions Magazine. This page’s author got it right. There’s a lot more to this songstress than her “dimensions.” The critics, of course, wolverines that they are, don’t see past the outer shell. So it just goes to show you, even if you have something wonderful to offer (a great singing voice, for example), it matters not. They’ll always hone in on your weight.

That’s why I finally made a decision years ago (after suffering through a lot of callous comments by so-called “well meaning” friends and lovers) that as long as I am happy with me, the rest of the world could just go fuck itself (and leave me out of it). Since then, I’ve been quite happy, managed to re-attract the love of my life. And how did this all start again? (In case you weren’t paying attention), I started loving ME, just the way I am. When you give yourself unconditional love, then you open yourself up to more of the same. When you are constantly worried about how you will appear to others, your insecurity leaks out every pore and you get grief in return. Truly, we reap what we sow!

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