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Happy VD, Everyone!

Posted by Joni in General

Before my boss left today, she admonished me to “wear red tomorrow” (??). I said, “Why? Are you going to pinch me if I don’t?” She clearly had confused Saint Patrick with Saint Valentine. I asked her, “Well, should I bring you a box of chocolates tomorrow?” The eternal dieter (she boasts of weighing exactly what she weighed when she got married16 years ago), she recoiled in horror at the thought. (At least I’m off the hook for that!) She said that Valentines Day is only really important if you are alone. Yeah, the people who have “someone” take it for granted. It’s for the others that it becomes painfully obvious. Well, I won’t rub anyone’s nose in anything today. But do go eat some candy. And for Christ’s sake, please don’t bitch about how fat it will make you.


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