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Happy Motoring!

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A friend of mine loaned me a great little book she found in a used book store. It is called Marion Harland’s Complete Etiquette, and it will serve as blog fodder for many weeks to come, or until she asks for it back.

Today, class, we are going to talk about road rules. Manners, or the lack thereof. And if you think it’s bad now, well apparently it was much worse in 1907, the year this book was published.

Automobiling has so increased in popularity that it is almost a national pastime. And with its growing favor has sprung up a noxious and flourishing crop of bad manners.


Do not stare at another’s car, nor, if at a stand-still, examine the mechanism. This is the height of rudeness. The act that you are so lucky as to be an automobilist gives you no license to investigate the workings of another man’s machine, or in other ways to make yourself obnoxious.

When passing an auto of inferior horsepower, do not choose that moment to exhibit your own greater speed…. Do not boast of phenomenal runs you have made. You are not a record-holder. And when you become one, the newspapers will gladly exploit the fact without any viva voce testimony from you.


Do not violate the speed ordinance. The ordinance was made for public safety, not to spite you. Do not frighten animals or pedestrians, nor carelessly steer too near to some farmer’s live stock which may happen to be in the road….

Let’s see what the guys over at Z31.com have to say about this one!! If you can’t admire someone else’s fine vehicle or talk shop to them about what’s under the hood, or have them gaze admiringly at your own ride…. what’s the point of having a nice little sports car? (If you answered transportation, you are definitely not with the program and need to reexamine why you drive a sports car!!)

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