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Green With Envy

Posted by Joni in General

This weekend while Robert and I were out running errands, we spotted this really butt-ugly (fugly) old car. It was a late 1970s model Ford LTD or Grenada or something similar. What was so offensive about the car? The color. It was bright, Day-Glo green. Metallic Day-Glo green. I cannot even describe it to you. But I’ll try. It was hideous. Robert made the comment that the guy must’ve paid EXTRA for that custom paint job, it sure didn’t roll off the assembly line like that. I chimed in, “Maybe he stole it.” Robert said, “Jesus Christ, Joni, that’s even worse! He stole it. That means he made a conscious decision to CHOOSE that ugly car over any others that might have been available to steal!” We cracked ourselves up. But probably, he bought it used and it was all he could afford and he had no choice. (But secretly, I think he painted it that color. Just a hunch I have. Now if I could find him and ask him what the paint color is called, I could have my car painted the same color.)


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