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Goodbye Sweet Friend

Posted by Joni in General

Simon is in a better place now. My 16-year old Maine Coon crossed over the Rainbow Bridge sometime early this morning. I had put him in the bed with me last night and had been checking on him through the night. His last little meal was late yesterday afternoon, a bit of chopped turkey and gravy. I had taken his collar off so it wouldn’t dangle down in his dish. Robert observed that might have been, to him, a sign. I am very upset and sad, but the ravages of age were getting to him, I couldn’t deny it. Sunny got on the bed last night, twice, and licked Simon’s head. He knows something’s wrong this morning, but I’m not sure he knows what. He just seems more restless this morning than usual.

I will miss my kitty! Here’s a link to his photo gallery.

Goodbye, Sweet Simon (1989-2004)

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