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Going Topless

Posted by Joni in General

It was such a pretty evening. One thing I do like about Daylight Savings Time is the extra sunlight at the end of the work day. I love taking the T-Tops off and cruising leisurely home, hair blowing and radio up (not blaring, but loud enough to hear over the wind and street noises). Being able to take the tops off is the one thing I’ve always loved about my car. I also like that you can keep the glass tops on, but just take the sun shade plates off. Very versatile!

But the car is filthy and I’ll probably wash it Friday or Saturday. Meanwhile, as long as the weather stays nice like it is, I’ll have one more thing to look forward to at the end of the day: the drive home.

So tell me…

what’s your favorite “driving” song (or album if you wish)?

Mine? Life Is a Highway by Tom (Another One Hit Wonder) Cochrane.

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