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Giving Thanks :: Thanks Giving

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Folks in Wharton, Texas, are up to their eyeballs in water. I’ve been in their shoes myself. Back in June 2001. Tropical Storm Allison. Floodwater is not bucolic, it is not nice. It stinks. And it devastates. Reminding me again that I do have quite a bit to be thankful for. But because I was busy cooking and playing on the computer yesterday I didn’t have time to put to word exactly what it is I’m thankful for.

1. Robert. He may not be walking, but he’s here, in my life. And for that I’m grateful.

2. My cats. Both of them. Especially my old guy, Simon, who may or may not make it to Christmas. He’s old and fragile, but not in pain. Right now, he’s curled up under the computer desk. Laying against my left foot. I can feel him purring. When I wiggle my toes against him, he chirps. He’s a sweetie and I will miss him when he’s gone.

3. My job. I grouse about it quite a bit, but I really do enjoy it. I have a great, very understanding boss. She’s demanding and she’s tough, but when it counts, she’s been there for me. You cant ask for more than that.

4. I’ve got cool geek toys and personal freedom to sit here and ponder about it all. Now THAT’s something you can’t put a price on!

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