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G – giving
I – is,
F – first,
T – thinking

Do you get it now? Gift-giving is an art. It requires not so much a big pocket book as a deep thought as to what the intended recipient wants, needs or likes.

The relationship you have with the giftee will also dictate your thought processes about gifts. Parents tend to be practical to some extend, giving the child what he/she needs and not necessary what the child wants.

Some of my most cherished and memorable gifts weren’t even that expensive. They were just thoughtful. And that, to me, is what is important. Someone cared enough about me to give some thought into what might please me. Listened to some hints, dropped and inadvertent alike, and then went out and bought me a kick-ass gift.

Not to sound ungrateful, I’ve received my share of hideous gifts. Last year, I received a dreadful gift on my birthday. What made it so bad was not what it was, but what it meant to the person giving it to me. It was, basically, recycled “trash.” To her anyway. I knew this ahead of time. Imagine my surprise when I opened the gift bag and there sat some of the items that she’d been making fun of just weeks before. I was sick. And this from a person who considered herself to be a few rungs up the ladder from me socially. Just what are they teaching people in private school these days?

To be honest, I’d just have soon she forgotten my birthday. At least I could have excused her that. I will forgive her a bad memory; I will not excuse her bad manners.

My Canon Sureshot, like new, found by Robert a few Christmases ago in a pawn shop for cheap.
My 1988 300ZX which I flew out to Southern California to drive home on Friday the 13th of July (my birthday!)
See rant above.
Plastic laundry hooks. It wasn’t their cheapness that apalled me, it was the fact that no thought went into choosing them. That same year I received a couple of really cute potholders that didn’t cost half as much as the laundry hooks. They meant more. Why? I had mentioned I really needed some potholders.

You see, I’m really not that hard to please…. Trouble is, as one friend told me, I am kinda hard to shop for because I usually don’t wait around for someone to get me something that I’ve got a hankering for. I just go out and buy it myself. So if I don’t have it, it probably means I don’t want it….

A pair of pierced earrings from someone who should have known better. (I may very well be the only person in the free world who doesn’t have pierced ears.)
My $3400 car (see above)
Those damned laundry hooks.
One (not a pair, but one) sheepskin car seat cover from an ex-boyfriend (yeah, there’s a reason for that prefix “ex” being there).

And the place where bad gifts go to die? Why, e-Bay of course! I bet more gifts get recycled there than anywhere else in the world!

Are there any failsafe gifts? Sure. I can think of two.

  1. Gift certificates. I don’t think this is thoughtless or lazy on the part of the gift giver. It’s practical. YOU can decide what YOU want to buy with the money or the gift certificate. Just don’t get ME a gift certificate to a place I’d never go. (This would rule out upscale department stores and trendy coffee shops! But bookstores are ALWAYS in!!)
  2. Money. One size fits all, baby!

So what’s on my list this year?

  1. A 512MB stick of PC133 memory for my new computer.
  2. That I be allowed to take off the Monday and Tuesday before Christmas. I have exactly 12.50 hours of time left to take this year and the Firm is closing its offices at 1PM on Tuesday, December 24. This means that I can take that entire block of three days (bossette permitting) without losing any time at all! Keep your fingers crossed!
  3. Accessories kit for my new Sony Mavica.
  4. World peace. Sure, yeah, I know. But I had to throw it in anyway.

What is Robert getting this year? Oh, don’t worry. He never reads this.

  1. Aiwa DVD player
  2. New Sony TV for his den (we already bought it)
  3. A gift certificate to Wherehouse Sound so he can get some new CDs or some new DVDs.

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