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Ghosties and Ghoulies…

Posted by Joni in General

and long-leggedy beasties and things that go boot in the night. That’s what Matt had to contend with the other night as his desktop Windoze computer came magically to life and rebooted itself, to Matt’s surprise and dismay, taking some unsaved proggies with it. His laptop, in a decidely Stepford kind of way, decided to follow suit. Hopefully, Matt wasn’t working on some vital WP goodies when his machines went down for the count!

Ah, the power of Microsnot. My desktop (running Windows XP Pro) has been bugging the daylights out of me for weeks now about installing SP2. Call me crazy and call me stupid, but I am in no rush to download it. My computer is patched and I’ve got up to date antivirus software, firewall software, firewall hardware and several hacking and malware sniffers on board at all times.

But the thing continues to nag, to buzz around my tail like a pesky fly. To yank my shirtsleeve like a rude child after some candy. Can I install SP2 now, mommy? Can I? Can I do it now? Do you want me to update now? Please? Let’s do it now, okay? Come on. I want to install SP2. Please can I? Can I can I can I can I? Oh please, oh please, oh please, puh-leeeze? And then it throws itself on the floor and starts flailing its arms and legs.

Whereupon I get up and stand over it, writhing on the floor. I clench my fists. Then my leg arcs back and drives forward right into its kidney. With the pointed toe of my best pair of stiletto pumps. I hear it let out a big gasp of air. Grinning madly, I rear back again, and again, my shoe connects with its side. I hope I ruptured its kidney.

I feel better now.

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