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Getting There Is Half the Fun.

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Robert gave me a ride to work today. In my own car (because I cannot fathom paying $15 a day to park). Now, I don’t know what kind of mission of madness he’s on, but he insists on trying to be a daredevil at the wheel. How he can manage this with me in the passenger seat yelping in protest is beyond me. This morning, we’re sailing up Polk and he’s behind a guy in a Mazda pickup truck who isn’t going fast enough for him. In front of the Mazda is a city bus, which as we all know, doesn’t go fast enough for ANYONE. So he whips around the Mazda, makes a right turn onto Dowling (“check out this move” he says, with a fiendish gleam in his eye). The bus, of course, turns LEFT onto Dowling so it’s out of the picture for now.

So he goes down Dowling, makes a left and goes up to Chenevert and hangs a quick left again. So at the next stop light he turns right, just ahead of the Mazda which is now at the intersection of Polk and Chenevert (is any of this making sense?). So we’re again barreling down Polk, except that now there is a construction crew which has barricaded the street, so he’s gotta hang another quick left to get around it, go down two more blocks to Leeland. Well. here’s the bus that we were two cars behind. So its now in front of us, the Mazda is bringing up the rear, having apparently been dazzled by Robert’s move at the intersection.

So hanging a right onto Leeland he zips around the bus, narrowly missing the Mazda, which has decided to pass on the left. Eeech! And of course I pipe up that the best thing to have done would have been to just go ahead and stay behind the bus all the way, which seems to have beaten everyone to their destinations. Finally, we come to a screeching halt in front of my building, and I’m deposited, like yesterday’s sack of garbage. My blood pressure is already through the roof and I haven’t even GOTTEN TO MY DESK YET!

Dontcha wish you were me?

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