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Generalissima Francisca Frankly

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You know, I have refrained from speaking about this issue on my blog, although it has been bothering me for several weeks now. I have told one or two of my friends. But what the hell. I want to know if I’m being petty or silly about this. Or if my skin is too thin.

Suppose you had a birthday. (Okay, I know it’s a reach, but just IMAGINE IT if you will!) And your birthday was on a Sunday. And your employer acknowledged your birthday Monday morning by stating “I forgot your gift on my kitchen counter, but I promise I’ll bring it tomorrow.” And forgets.

And forgets. And forgets. And then sends an email to you PROMISING to bring it the next day (Friday).

And two weeks later you have nothing to show for it except the head cold that she passed on to you.

How much would that bother you? To be honest with you, the thing that bothers me about it is the fact that she felt OBLIGATED. Until my other boss had come up to me the previous Friday asking me what kind of cake I wanted (cake for WHAT?), I had completely forgotten about it.

I think we just need to have a heart to heart because these gift-giving occasions seem to be fraught with pitfalls for the unwary or the uninitiated.

Is it really that difficult? I’ve always found it easy, and very enjoyable, to shop for gifts for my friends and loved ones at birthdays and holidays. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to do something — however small and insignificant — for someone I care about.

But I swear, I’m about ready to declare myself a Jehovah’s Witness[1] so that I can spare everyone around me what must be a very painful and terrifying ordeal!

[1] Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate birthdays or Christmas.

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