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Gearing Up With ChaitGear

Posted by Joni in General

My rating: 4 out of 5

I am all about being able to look up, refer to and blog about products found at Amazon.com. I used to have a Smooth Jazz recommended listening page (currently in the works all over again), as well as a Recommended Reading list (to be ported over from AllConsuming.net).

ChaitGear’s CG-Amazon plugin is great for generating lists of Amazon products. You can lookup products using key words and categories just as you can at Amazon.com. The plugin returns a list of found items with pixtures (ooh!) and you can use a handy checkbox to add one or more — or all! — of the items to your CG-Amazon database. From there you can assign categories, add comments, reviews and ratings, etc. It is a snap with one line of PHP to include your entire list or variations of it on a WordPress Page.

But wait!, you are probably saying to yourselves. We can’t use PHP on a WordPress Page! No, you can’t. But David Chait, God bless his pointed head, has even thought of that! He’s got yet another plugin, called CG-QuickPHP, that stands in for the PHP code and allows you to have your scripts and eat them too!

I give the CG-Amazon plugin four out of five stars. I’m not as kind to the Amazon Media Manager plugin. I’ve used it too, but it’s a bitch-kitty to create your media lists because you have to use another tool like WP-Amazon or CG-Amazon or go to Amazon.com itself to look up the number and THEN enter it and THEN create your notes. Call me lazy, but CG-Amazon does it better and faster. Plus, you have to configure Amazon Media Manager from within one of its config files to get the output you want. On the other hand, with CG-Amazon, you’ve got an external stylesheet that you can modify, or you can add those classes to all of your stylesheets so that the display seamlessly matches your theme(s).

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  1. Joni

    Testing the Comments Quicktag plugin. Lets you guys format your comments with EM, CODE, STRIKE, OL, UL, BLOCKQUOTE, LINK, STRONG, and even look up words in the dictionary.

    Now I expect perfectly formatted, properly spelled comments.

    Well. I expect comments.

    Anyone? Anyone?


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