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From Fishheads to Peni$ Heads…

Posted by Joni in General

This piece of spam that just landed in my inbox takes the cake. Especially the subject line:

Subject: Bigger penis head – created [sic] a more mushroomed and muscular look….

Now speaking strictly as a girl, I’m not interested in penis heads or mushroom heads. (Mushroom clouds — well, that’s another matter altogether; just ask Rob.) In fact, those kind of things don’t even cross my mind. And if they cross yours, you really need to seek professional help.

The rest of the spam goes on….

Penis Enlargement Doesn’t Get Any Easier
Imagine the confidence when you’re in the locker room and those other guys take notice of your … Bigger, Longer and Thicker Penis Now!

Now, I’m not a guy (obviously), but if I were, and I saw another guy eyeing my dick, I wouldn’t be proud. I’d be scared.


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