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Flashy Broad

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Awhile back (well about two years ago), I dabbled in Macromedia Flash. It’s Flash MX now, but when I was dabbling in it, Flash 4 had just been released. There were quite a few great sites out there that implemented nice Flash effects (balthaser.com, lca.org, and a few others). But Flash seemed an awful lot of work for a few little effects. Most of which could be done just as easily with rollovers and Dynamic HTML. So I put it aside and forgot about it.

I forgot how delightful a well-executed Flash animation can be. Now mind you, this one is strictly “for fun.” It’s not a game or anything. It’s just a nice Flash intro to a trendy California jewelry designer. All you West Coast gals can toodle on down there! Joanie, get your car keys and wallet ready — there’s one near you!!

Men, unless you are in the doghouse and looking for a great way to impress, razzle and dazzle your significant other (there’s some really great jewelry there; not too expensive…), then you can just skip this. Otherwise, all of you, go here….

Tarina Tarintino — obviously, you’ll want to choose the “Flash Version” link. Enjoy!

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