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Feed Me, Seymour

Posted by Joni in General

An alert David over at Illustrated News pointed out that my XML and RDF feeds weren’t validating. This is a Movable Type issue and upgrading from version 2.5 does not automatically fix the problem. Instead, you must go here to download the updated RSS templates. Note that clicking on the template links does not work, you must right-click and “Save Target As,” save the templates to your hard drive and then cut and paste the text into your MT templates according to the directions provided.

So now my RSS is valid, even if my CSS sometimes is not. (Why not, you ask? Because in most cases, my stylesheets use colored scrollbars, which are only visible in IE6 and therefore won’t pass muster with the CSS Validator. But my desire to be trendy, stylish and cool overrides my desire to be valid. So I guess I am a colorful invalid!)

Thanks, David!

P.S. Anyone else with valid RSS can head here and pick up some cool “Valid RSS” buttons for their web pages….

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