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Fat Man Dancing

Posted by Joni in Video, Weighty Matters

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Okay, there are fat men dancing, all sexsay-like… (You go, boy!)

And then there are fat men dancing who don’t have a YouTube following like Jack E. Brown. But you gotta hand it to them, they’re having fun with it.

And then there’s this. {{Runs from the room to go throw up.}}

Update: It turns out the man in the last video is none other than Steve Assanti who, along with his brother, was featured on an episode of My 600 Pound Life.


  1. James H.

    I shouldn’t have watched this….


  2. LaMont

    Yea, what James said. The last one is just well… I’m left speechless.


  3. Joni

    Jack E. Brown (real name Jeff) is actually on a campaign to lose weight, but he actually dances really well. That … I don’t mind. The others, feh kaka. :)


  4. Joni

    It’s one thing to dance around your room or house in your underwear. It’s quite another thing to put it online.


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