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Fat Freddy Versus the Golden Arches.

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In the latest frivolous lawsuit to tie up the court system, someone is suing McDonald’s because they now have weight and/or heart and/or cholesterol problems from eating too many Big Macs. Uh, ya THINK? Unreal. That’s a bit like suing a cathouse after you contract a case of clap, wouldn’t you say? Shoulda known better! Everyone is trying to skirt blame for their own predicaments; no one wants to accept responsibility for his or her mistakes. I have made a few in my lifetime, and probably will make a few more before it’s all over. But each and every one of my screwups was at my own hands! There was no one to blame but myself! Sheesh. It will be interesting to see how far this case gets. I keep forgetting that it’s not a JUSTICE system; it’s merely a LEGAL system.

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