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I had been using Zempt, a blogging tool specifically for MovableType blogs. It had been running fine until it threw out a weird error message in the middle of the Blogathon the other night.

Then I went into the bedroom and blogged the remainder of the ‘Thon on my Armada laptop, where Zempt is NOT installed. So I was using the MT interface.

Tonight, I’m trying to use Zempt and it refuses to put a category on any of my posts and hangs each time I hit “Publish.” I have to do the “three finger salute” to bring up the Windows Task Manager and kill it there.

Weird. I’m going to uninstall the program and then reinstall it. Any more shenanigans and this little proggy is going to go the way of Geek Log. (Don’t even ask.)

[musica!] Listening to: Round And Round – Ratt – Countdown 1981 (04:24)

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