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Evening Shade

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I’m kind of taking a break here. But I find, now that I’m in the bedroom on dialup (ugh), it’s taking longer to post, I didn’t realize how painfully slow my site loads (yeesh!), and the laptop keyboard kind of slows me down a bit. What took five minutes at the desktop on Roadrunner cable now takes at least 10 minutes back here on the little guy.

Robert has been wonderful throughout this whole thing. He made sure I got up in plenty of time for the first post at 8:00 a.m, I made the first pot of coffee this morning, but he brought breakfast to me and made the second pot of coffee. He’s taking a shower right now and is going to try to stay up with me a little tonight to be sure I don’t “fall asleep at the wheel.”

What a guy. I don’t know what I’d do without him. I hope it’s a long long time (never is preferred, actually) before I ever (never!) have to find that out.

The television is on Fox and we are watching Mad TV. The guest artist tonight is a girl band from Russia called Tatu. They were cute, decked out with belly rings and hip-hugging miniskirts short enough to come flying off if either of them sneezed. I’ll go to the big computer in the other room and try to find an MP3 or two. I liked their music. They had a fragile, etherial look to them — like they could be Bjork’s cousins or something.

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