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I’ve just finished reading To Kill a Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia, by Michael Parenti. This is one of the better books out there about the Balkan wars and this country’s hand in the events, from start to finish. Our motives were less than pure and this book doesn’t candy coat a single fact. And it’s got plenty of cites to back up every assertion set forth. Anyone with an interest in what happened in Southeastern Europe in the 1990s should read this book.

To Kill a Nation: The Attack on Yugoslavia


  1. Rori

    I will add that to my list. I am going to try to read more non-fiction this year. I have “A Bright and Shining Lie”, a story of what Vietnam was really about.


  2. Blackbird

    Let me try that again, without the typos (no preview):

    You might like to read ?Fools Crusade? by Diana Johnstone. I very highly recommend it as a wonderfully researched book that doesn?t have the same Stalinist slant ? not to denigrade Parenti, because I like the guy and I have his books, but he is what he is and he has more of an agenda than Johnstone who simply sees an injustice and calls it one.


  3. Joni

    Got that one too, Blackbird! And you are right. Also in the queue is The Serbs by Tim Judas. And also currently reading Momo Kapor’s The Serbian Mentality. :)


  4. Blackbird

    Was that a freudian slip in how you spelled his name and are you already aware that Tim Judah is very biased against Serbs? By all means read his book and form your own opinions, but I can’t read the guy, myself. There are so many Serb demonizers out there that I can do without this one.


  5. Joni

    You were the ONLY ONE who caught that. I started reading it but midway through the first chapter I realized the slant it was taking. Face it, there’s been waay too much anti-Serb (and pro-Muslim) rhetoric from all sides. But to be fair (to myself I guess) I wanted to give it a shot.

    My opinion so far is that Diane Johnstone’s book is the best, most well-written one about the topic. Another one I have on my stack is Yugoslavian Inferno by Paul Mojzes:



  6. Blackbird

    Diana’s writing on the Balkans is superlative. I haven’t heard about the book you just brought up — will check out Paul Mojzes. Thanks! By the way, a brand new book is out by the British journalist John Laughland, called Travesty — you can see a review of it on one of my favorite sites here:



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